Inner alchemy school

Comprehensive system of teaching classical Chinese medicine

Inner alchemy school


What is the school about?

Basic information about the study programme

Balance, way of life, a new better way for knowing. Today, we often live by certain rules and norms, we are used to a certain type of answers, and with the ever-increasing hustle and bustle around us, we also have to face rapid changes in our mental states. Although internal alchemy can not be grasped tangibly, it can be perceived very intensely. For people interested in internal alchemy, their internal progress and change, we have prepared our internal school with accredited lecturers, downloadable materials or videos and blogs that will be of great benefit to your life.

Inner alchemy school

Are you interested in studying?

Are you interested in studying?

It is intended for all – for common people who want to help themselves and their families, as well as for therapists.

Time, place and the way of teaching

It is intended for all – for common people who want to help themselves and their families, as well as for therapists.

Time, place and the way of teaching



Who is the school intended for?

Focus of our school

You do not have to be a therapist or a professional. Our school is for everyone – for the general public (laypersons) and for the therapistsWe offer information that will help you and your loved ones in common life. This school is for those who are looking for answers…. what’s happening around us and in us. How to create a reality around us and how to do correct decisions which create a world of personal satisfaction and fulfillment. For those who realize that everything is related to each other and are looking for connections of the inner world of man with the outside world.

What will you learn with us in three years?

Classical Chinese medicine

Theoretical part
• Yin and Yang theory
• Theory of 5 elements
• Learning about internal organs
• Qi energy, blood and body fluids
• 12 proper acupuncture pathways – meridians
• 8 extraordinary acupuncture pathways – meridians
• Acupuncture points, their functions and their use
• Theory of stems and branches – WU YUN LIU QI
• External and internal causes of diseases
• Diagnosis of the body and disease
• Creating a human health energy map
• Symbolism of the human body and diseases

Practical part
• Practical pulse diagnostics
• Body, face and tongue diagnostics
• Use of acupuncture points
• Cupping
• Moxibustion

Feng Shui

Theoretical part
• The meaning of shapes
• Interiors and exteriors
• 5 mythical animals
• Colors, their symbolism and use
• Circulation of QI energy flow in space
• Compass school
• Flying Star School
• BA GUA – trigrams and sectors
• Programming space and the future
• Land, gardens, commercial space, ….
• The health aspect of Feng Shui
• Symbolism of space versus human health

Practical part
• Work with projects, solving real spaces and problems
• Working with a pendulum
• Space diagnostics – geopathogenic zones
• Feng Shui and art therapy – how to create an image


Theoretical part
• Energetic-information systems of man
• Energetic views of man
• Human chakra subsystem
• Energetic-informative space cleaning
• Geopathogenic zones
• Technogenic zones
• Eugenetic zones
• Human energy hygiene
• Shapes and their impact on the space
• External influences on humans
• “Remote” diagnostics
• “Remote” treatment

Practical part
• Cultivation internal exercises to improve health
• Meditation – from relaxing to healing
• Qigong – health energy exercises
• Bioenergetic treatment
• Energy and hygiene of the body and space

Time, place and the way of teaching

Important information for all interested parties

It is a 3-level study lasting 3 years. The individual levels are set so that as a whole they create a comprehensive view of things around us and in us. There will be 20-25 people in the class to ensure the personal approach of the lecturer not only in the theoretical but also in the practical parts.

As a BONUS, you have the opportunity to attend seminars in lower grades for FREE in our school (second-graders can attend first-year seminars and third-graders have the opportunity to attend seminars for both first and second level seminars)

As every year and in 2021 we open ONLY one weekend class.

Until this date: only 10 vacancies

Always one weekend a month (Saturday, Sunday)
MP3 recordings and all necessary materials will be available.
Beginning of the new 1st year: 28.-29. January 2023 in Bratislava

If you are interested and speed up the application process, download and fill out the application form and send it to our email

The possibility of an individual repayment schedule.

Cena: 1000 – 1500€/rok

Group discounts and discounts for family members.


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